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Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
Currently no flights in progress!
Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
YAT11905 BIKF LFMN Rotteveel B737-300F OO-TNA 4h
TAY1133 EGSS EBBR Griffiths BAE 146-300 OO-TAA 0h
TAY1 KSFO PHNL Herrera B747-400 ER OO-THB 5h
YAT11934 EBLG LYPG Gillmann B737-300F OO-TNA 2h
TAY9095 WSSS VHHH Dinis A300B4 OO-TZD 0h
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Info
TAY0456LOWILGAVB737-300F2.5Frank Rotteveel0 ft/mCAccepted
TAY5283EKBIEGSSA300B401.56.10Bruno Ferreira-404 ft/mCAccepted
TAY7069BKJFKVHHHB777-200LRF17.13.18LUIS EVANGELISTA-337 ft/mPAccepted
TAY1202LEBLLFPGB737-700C01.54.12Vasileios Botis-236 ft/mAccepted
TAY538FLUKKEGSSB777-200LRF03.10.46Bruno Duponchez-178 ft/mAccepted


Posted by Guy Desmedt on 07/03/2017


We are getting back in touch with our Divisional Online Evenings. Every Tuesday between 18Z and 21Z,

all traffic is welcome to our airspace!

For more information click here.



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Flights this Month:67
Total Flights:6228
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Total Miles Flown: 9815994 NM
Total Airline Hours:20604.45

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