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Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
TAY5148 Stansted Airport Oslo Airport, Gardermoen B747-800F Arrived 00:00 Info
Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
YAT13481 egll LOWI Chabbey B737-300F OO-TNA 1h
TAY007 EBLG ZSPD Bertarini B747-400 ER OO-THA 0h
TAY296 EBLG OMDB Windels B777-200LRF OO-TSA 0h
TAY124 CYHZ EBLG Pistral B777-200LRF OO-TSA 0h
TAY073 EBLG LFLL Jensen B737-300F OO-TNA 0h
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Info
TAY5148EGSSENGMB747-800F02.03.57James Roberts-151 ft/mCPending
TAY14VYYYHSSSB747-400 ER09.12.37LEVENT SIRAY-99 ft/mAccepted
TAY5202EGSSEDDFB747-800F01.22.01James Roberts-185 ft/mCAccepted
TAY12HLLTVYYYB747-400 ER13.29.07LEVENT SIRAY-140 ft/mAccepted
TAY13LTBAOMAAA330-30003.47.15LEVENT SIRAY-87 ft/mAccepted


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