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Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
TAY1 Athens Eleftherios Venize Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle B737-300 QC Boarding 00:00 Info
TAY611 Rhodes Airport Khartoum B737-700C Arrived 00:00 Info
TAY091 Beijing Capital Internati Brisbane Airport MD-11F Cruise 2:47 Info
Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
TAY103 EBLG LROP Bermig BAE 146-300 OO-TAS 0h
TAY1 LGAV LFPG Delplanque B757-200 TF-FID 3h
YAT1191 EBLG EPGD Erni B777-200LRF OO-TSA 1h
TAY8235 EGSS EDDF Aydin B777-200LRF OO-TSA 0h
TAY3000 LGAV EBLG Cabanelas Perez B757-200 TF-FID 3.2h
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Info
TAY611LGRPHSSSB737-700C03.17.42Vasileios Botis-475 ft/mPending
TAY0673NFFNANYNBAE 146-30003.29.13Dominique Delplanque-394 ft/mAccepted
TAY069LMMLLGRPB737-700C01.59.01Vasileios Botis-393 ft/m2Accepted
TAY8166EDDFLHBPA300B401.52.20Imre Slott-295 ft/mCAccepted
TAY090ZBAALTBJB747-400 ER09.16.39LEVENT SIRAY-112 ft/m1Accepted

Plans, plans, plans.....

Posted by Guy Desmedt on 22/10/2016

Good day to all.

First of all, I will have to welcome you in behalf of the entire staff.

As you all know, the first and only thing we asked to make one flight/month.
That is not very much and you can even choose departure and arrival airport and
the plane (Charterflight)

We will remove pilots who aren't capable of doing this.Mails will be send normally when the 
periode is always finished. 'Retired' will then be removed.
I prefer walking with lesser pilots instead of eg 2000 pilots who don't fly.

I can't promise anything but we are trying to make a new tour, new event(s), video's or video for
promoting the site and/or tour or events....

By the way, we want to make the VA more active!!!

You can also help by promoting the VA by friends or other FB's or so....

I hope to see you by one (or all ;) ) sitting and flying at the cockpit in our TNTv-planes....


With friendly greets,
The Staff


From today on (23 oct 2016) you can sign in for the

(by signing in you have to say with wich plane you want to fly.
You can change this in the acars)

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