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Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
TAY174 Bandaranaike Intl Auckland International Ai B747-400 ER Cruise 5:03 Info
Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
TAY653 EBLG EETN Stoop B757-200 TF-FID 0h
TAY058 EKBI ESMS Stoop B737-400 OO-TNO 0h
TAY033 LFBO LFPG Palacheck BAE 146-300 OO-TAS 0h
TAYEU09 EGLL LBSF Palacheck B757-200 TF-FID 2.35h
TAY233 LEMD EBLG Palacheck B757-200 TF-FID 0h
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Info
TAY087LGAVLCLKB737-300F01.34.02Bruno Duponchez-116 ft/m1Pending
TAY540LGMKLGZAB737-700C01.08.41Vasileios Botis-108 ft/m2Pending
TAY554LGKVLGMKB737-700C01.12.41Vasileios Botis-540 ft/mAccepted
TAY173FYWHVCBIB747-400 ER09.04.00LEVENT SIRAY-163 ft/m1Accepted
TAY555LGSMLGKVB737-700C01.05.35Vasileios Botis-111 ft/mAccepted

Plans, plans.....

Posted by Guy Desmedt on 22/10/2016

Good day to all.

First of all, I will have to welcome you in behalf of the entire staff.

Can u please take a look at het FBpage 

TNT Virtual Airways

and fill in the little poll made by




The Staff

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